Battery / Solar Panel Size for Fridges


This guide has been developed to provide at least 3 days running power with a maximum battery discharge of 60% with zero sunshine.

The solar panels noted below will have the ability to bring your batteries back to 100% with a full day of sunshine. For lithium batteries, only 60% of the AGM battery capacity (Ah) is required.

Generally, slightly less than double the Ah battery storage is recommended in watts of solar when matching solar panels with batteries. Eg: a 100Ah battery would require approximately 200watts of solar.

Please note: all values are approximate. Generally, the amount of battery and solar needed has been over estimated.

Fridge  1hr (Ah) 1 Day (Ah) 3 Days (Ah) AGM Battery Size (60% Discharge after 3 days) Solar Panels
35 - 52L 0.8 20 60 100Ah 200W
50 - 65L 1.0 24 72 120Ah 200W
85L 1.3 30 90 150Ah 300W
130L 1.5 36 108 180Ah 300W
190L 2.0 48 144 240Ah 400W
285L 2.4 57 172 260Ah 400W