Caravan Solutions



Rather than purchasing a brand new caravan to meet your requirements, completing an upgrade to the energy system can prove to be a more cost effective solution.

Some of the upgrades that can completely change your caravanning experience include:

Solar system upgrades
Battery Monitoring Systems (BMS)
Battery system upgrades
Inverters for 240V equipment
Incorporation of offgrid air conditioning

Energy system upgrades are becoming increasingly popular, with caravanners seeking more offgrid adventures rather than going from park to park, relying on plug in power. These upgrades can range from installing another battery or solar panel to a full overhaul of their system.

Solar energy ensures the caravan battery remains charged for a long period. After all, the sun is often shining in Australia, so why not make the most of all that free energy! Something to consider, however, is even with unlimited energy, if the battery system isn't effective, then all that potential power is unable to be fully utilised. 

Most caravans on the market today feature one battery to provide power during your adventures. A common upgrade is the installation of a second battery, or installing lithium batteries instead of AGM batteries. You can read more about the benefits of lithium batteries in the Product Guides tab above. 

To find out how we can help you upgrade your system, feel free to contact us by emailing, or by calling Greg on 0414 536 063.