Redarc Dual Input 40A In-vehicle DC Battery Charger BCDC1240D

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The all New REDARC BCDC1240D In-vehicle Battery Charger is the next generation in REDARC's DC to DC charging technology, with additional features that make it the most advanced dual battery charger on the market. Now Featuring a Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) solar regulator, the BCDC1240D will charge from both solar and the alternator simultaneously. With built-in 'Green Power Priority' it will select solar charging first, meaning less load on the alternator. The BCDC1240D is suitable for 12 or 24-volt vehicle systems, the unit will also work with either standard or variable/smart alternators. The BCDC1240D also comes with patented charging profiles, including a lithium charging profile. The 'Dual' input range will continue to charge all other types of batteries including AGM, GEL, standard lead acid and calcium. As a guide, the BCDC1240D is used for battery bank sizes over 200AH. For smaller batteries of 75-200AH REDARC recommends the BCDC1225D. Proven and Tested The all new award-winning technology in the BCDC has been independently verified and tested to ensure battery life is maximised, charging your battery to a proven 100%. Trusted for its Australian design and tested for our unique conditions, the DC to DC battery charger will work in the extreme heat of the Simpson Desert, up to 80°C and can handle deep water crossings at Cape York – water, dust and vibration are no match for this charger. Features Separate DC and solar charging inputs Maximises the performance and life of your auxiliary battery Simultaneous DC and solar charging with Green Power Priority Suits 12V/24V standard and variable voltage/smart alternators Suitable for AGM, GEL, standard lead acid, calcium and LiFePO4 batteries The main differences of the new BCDC1240D over the BCDC1240 and BCDC1240LV is 1, Is able to charge common lead acid auxiliary batteries as well as lithium iron phosphate batteries. 2, The BCDC1240D dual input battery charger, charges from solar and DC inputs simultaneously . 3, No external relay is required as with the BCDC1240 and BCDC1240LV. 4, Built in ‘Green Power Priority’ it will select solar first, meaning less load on the alternator. 5, This model is compatible with standard and variable voltage/smart alternators. 6, Due to having a 9-32 volt input range this model is compatible with 12 volt and 24 volt systems . 7, The front panel features 7 LEDs to display the charge profile and charge status.